RC Council approves grants for airport projects

At the Rush City council meeting Aug. 14, the City Council (minus Bob Oscarson, who was absent), unanimously approved a grant for the 2017 airport project and a grant contract for airport maintenance and operation for the Rush City Airport.
The Federal Aviation Administration offered a grant for a project consisting of installing airfield guidance signs, to rehabilitate the taxi lanes, and construct a taxi lane extension.
“We are putting in a new guidance sign, which our pilots call ‘our new flower pot’ between the apron and the taxi way, which is the grassy area that the FAA has made us put in,” city administrator Amy Mell said. “Our pilots are concerned that somebody is going to end up in there, so we are getting the guidance sign.”
The extension of the taxi lane is approximately 200 feet. Hard Drives, Inc. is the company that is doing the construction at the airport for the extension; they are planning to start in September.
“We are hoping to fit two hangars on the north side and two on the south side,” Mell said. “Another thing we are doing is crack sealing the taxi lane.”
The airport maintenance and operation grant contract is from the Minnesota Department of Transportation for a maximum amount of $29,380 for 2018-2019.
“This is for the plowing and mowing that we do at the airport that we turn in quarterly and get reimbursed for,” Mell said. “It’s 75 percent of what we turn in. So if 75 percent is less than that, that is what they will give us. It is a little higher than last year’s reimbursement, and we are always above that 75 percent.”

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