KM Liquidator has a new home in North Branch

Owners of KM Liquidator, Becky and Kevin Moen, now have their business at the former Wholesome Health building in North Branch.
Photo by Noelle Olson

KM Liquidator is a discount store that opened Aug. 18 at a new location in North Branch.
It’s located at 6355 Elm St. Owners Kevin and Becky Moen had to move the business from their garage because they were running out of room.
The business started in July 2016 and offers a variety of products that are offered at 50 percent or more off retail price.
“We have lawnmowers, heaters, furniture, stereos, rugs, shoes or anything else that comes in,” Mike said. “We buy name brand products from different brokers throughout the nation. Items are brand new, but it’s close outs, pulled off shelves, or returned items from big box stores.”
Becky said people can sometimes find items at their store that might not be available at other local retailers.
“A woman came in looking for a convection oven because she could not find what she was looking for at Shopko or any other stores in the area,” she said. “We had one in the back, and she got it for half the price.”
Previously, Kevin had a trucking business and had 20 trucks and 28 trailers until the economic downturn.
The Moens have been married 38 years and have seven children and three grandchildren.
“Our business motto is that we’d like people to stop here first, because you never know what we may have,” Kevin said.
To find out more about KM Liquidator, you can connect with them on Facebook and see the latest items they have in stock.

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