The ‘Corn Lady’ comes to Rush City

Local vendor still going strong
after three decades

Joe and Lynn Zerwas stand in front of the Corn Lady stand in Rush City.
Photo by Noelle Olson

There are a lot of corn stands around, but not many have been around for 30 years.
Lynn Zerwas, known as “The Corn Lady,” started her stand in Pine City around the time of the Reagan Administration and currently is selling corn, fresh fruit and vegetables at the Dollar General store parking lot in Rush City.
The stand offers corn, peaches, potatoes, onions, beets, cucumbers, carrots as well as other fresh produce from The Green Barn in Isanti.
“The earliest that I’ve sold corn during the season was July 9,” Lynn said. “But I usually start around the 18th. “It depends on when it’s ready, and I don’t want the corn until it is the way people like it.”
This is the first year Lynn has put her stand in Rush City. Her husband Joe comes with her to the stand to help. He is a retired police chief from Elk River, and the two live in Wyoming. Joe has been a Wyoming City Council member for 13 years.
“We came up with this idea when we were driving down the road and there were 10-pound potato bags for sale at this farm,” Joe remembered. “They were very cheap, and the farmer asked if I wanted to buy them in bulk. So I bought a truckload of them and put a sign up. They sold like hot cakes and it grew from there.”
During their 59 years of marriage, Lynn and Joe had six children. They will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary June 14, 2018. They have 22 grandchildren, 23 great grandchildren, their first great, great grandchild will join the family in September.
“I babysat and cleaned houses when the kids were young,” Lynn recalled. “I don’t have a very big Social Security check, so I had to do something. This stand is our Christmas.”
You can find Lynn and Joe in Rush City Wednesdays through Sundays most days from around noon until 6:30 p.m.
“She’s the ‘Corn Lady,’ Joe said. “That’s what everybody calls her.”

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