Police Reports

North Branch police reports major arrests and incidents that occur in the city limits. Chisago County Sheriff’s Office reports major crimes and arrests within Chisago County. The time refers to the time the incident was reported on the corresponding date.

North Branch
Aug. 28: 6400 block of Elm St., theft of vehicle (not in progress) was reported at North Branch City Hall. (10:14 a.m.)
39000 block of Forest Blvd., suspicious person, a man was harassing people and was arrested for disorderly conduct. (7:56 p.m.)
Aug 29: Block of Evergreen Trl., a dog bite was reported. (10:08 a.m.)
Aug. 30: 6300 block of Maple St., criminal damage to property (not in progress) was reported at North Branch Municipal Water and Light. The fence was kicked in, the gate lock was removed, and copper wiring was taken. (12:06 a.m.)
Sept. 1: 6200 block of Main St., a theft (not in progress) was reported at Central Park. (9:11 a.m.)
Forest Blvd. and Main St., fire call, a semi-truck’s brakes were on fire. (8:16 p.m.)
Sept. 2: 5900 block of Main St., theft of gas was reported at Holiday gas station north. (3:41 p.m.)
38000 block of Tanger Dr., theft (not in progress) was reported at the Nike Factory Store. (5:04 p.m.)
Sept. 3: 6000 block of Main St., a theft from a vehicle was reported at the Budget Host Inn and Suites. (7:54 a.m.)

Chisago County:
Aug. 29: 29000 block of Forest Blvd., Stacy, crash-personal damage only. A deputy arrived and spoke to a driver who admitted he was driving too fast and ran through the stop sign and crashed. There were no injuries. The air bags were deployed. Dan’s towing was called for a private tow. (5:01 a.m.)
W. 4th St. S./Dana Ave., Rush City, crash, personal injury. A deputy responded to a location on a report of a vehicle rollover with unknown injuries. Upon arrival, it was determined that the driver of the rolled SUV was trapped inside of the vehicle, but was eventually helped out of the vehicle by two deputies. His vehicle struck another vehicle after rolling, which caused a head wound to a female passenger of a parked vehicle. That vehicle then backed into another parked vehicle. In summary, the driver of the rolled vehicle was treated by LREMS and transported for observation, and the female passenger of the parked vehicle was transported to the hospital via Pine County EMS. Both vehicles needed to be towed. The third vehicle suffered only minor damage to the front driver’s quarter panel and was drivable. No injuries were reported out of that vehicle.(3:27 p.m.)
Aug. 31: 700 block of 492nd St. W., Nessel Township, theft from vehicle. A deputy spoke with the complainant who advised that sometime between last night and this morning, someone entered into her unlocked car and stole her purse. In her purse were two non-functioning cell phones, four credit cards, one debit card, car and office keys, and miscellaneous items. The complainant did advise she got calls from her banks about fraudulent card use, but thought it was a scam. During the conversation with the deputy, the complainant had not canceled any cards because she was getting impatient being put on hold by the card companies. The deputy advised her to cancel all cards and complete a fraud complaint for each company. The deputy then explained to her things he needed including card company names, account numbers, and possible locations where cards were used with the date and time. (9:10 a.m.)
800 block of S. Bremer Ave., Rush City, (GT Storage), burglary-commercial (not in progress). A deputy met with the complainant who said it looked like someone had broken into a storage unit. While the deputy was looking at the storage unit, he observed the unit was halfway open and the padlock was cut, and sitting in the interior of the unit. There were a bunch of items including bikes and other valuables. The owner gave the deputy a number, but the number given was not a good number. The owner said he would place a lock on the door. The deputy will follow up. (4:04 p.m.)
Sept. 3: 6400 block of Birch St., North Branch, crash-property damage only. While leaving a call with another deputy, a deputy heard a crunching noise. The deputy said someone just hit his squad car. The deputies observed a maroon sedan driving away, and one deputy yelled for the driver to stop. The driver stopped, and the deputy identified a woman who said she backed into the squad car while trying to maneuver around nearby paving equipment. She said she got scared and began to drive away. There was light damage to both the squad car and to her vehicle. The damage on the squad car was located at the driver’s side rear door. The damage on the woman’s car was located on the driver’s rear bumper corner. Photos were taken. The driver was valid and cleared with current insurance. (8:46 a.m.)

Aug 30: Alexis Maye Aiple, 20, Lindstrom, con sub 5-possess-unknown drug-not applicable.
Aug 31: Jammie Lynn Taylor, 51, Center City, domestic assault-misdemeanor-commits act to cause fear of immediate bodily harm or death.
Matthew Joseph Hines, 27, Shafer, property damage-felony-public-unknown intent.
Sept. 1: Joseph Allen Hoskins, 19, Chisago City, (gross misdemeanor) traffic DWI-operate motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.
Hunter Kenneth Strantz, 20, North Branch, domestic assault-misdemeanor-commits act to cause fear of immediate bodily harm or death.
Wade Frederick Nihart, 43, Wyoming, felony-traffic DWI-first degree driving while impaired, gross misdemeanor-traffic-D-driving after cancellation-inimical to public safety.

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