Rush City gets two new playgrounds

The newly constructed playground in Rush City along 6th Street and Newbery and Rush Creek Lane.
Three-year-old Nathan Oleson enjoys the new playground in Rush City at the corner of 8th Street and Keller Avenue. Photos by Noelle Olson

At the Rush City Council meeting Aug. 21, Mayor Dan Dahlberg announced two new playgrounds were put in at Rush Creek Bluff, along 6th Street between Newbery Avenue and Rush Creek Lane and Rush Landing, at the northwest corner of 8th Street and Keller Avenue.
“I just want to thank Ardent Mills employees and Innovative Basement Solutions employees for installing our two new playgrounds,” Dahlberg said. “They volunteered to put them up and seemed to be having fun doing it.”
City Administrator Amy Mell said they didn’t quite finish the one south of 6th Street. One of the Innovative Basement Solutions employees, Eric White, who is also on the Park and Trails board, was going to get some Rush City high school seniors to finish the job.
“We are going to get some signs for the parks to match the city park sign, so the public will know that they are for everyone,” Mell said. “In the future, we’d like to get benches and picnic tables to expand.”

In other news
Mell told the city council that the Park and Trails board plans on getting a warming house at the hockey rink.
“The plan was done by Innovative Basement Solutions, and they are getting bids on the warming house so they can get an idea of what it will cost,” she said. “They want to put in floor heat, and that is going to be donated by Rayme Johnson of Ray’s Service Center.”
The sand to put in the base of the hockey rink is being donated by Prefer Paving. Both of those businesses are in Rush City.
“We have $11,800 in the park dedication fund. That money has to be used for the development or improvement of park recreational facilities, playgrounds, trails, wetlands or open space,” Mell said. “So, it could be used for a warming house but not for maintenance or operation. Also, we have $3,500 from Pine City and Rush City youth hockey.”
Mell said they just need to find someone to staff the warming house.
“When we had a warming house before, we did have a person that staffed it and it was locked otherwise, because we didn’t want to have vandalism,” Mell said.
“To me, if it’s not staffed, we’re looking at vandalism, and that’s the sad thing,” council member Michael Louzek said. “I wish it didn’t happen but it does. It only takes one or two people to ruin it for everyone else.”

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