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Q: I hunt in a deer zone that has a lottery for antlerless permits. If I get an antlerless permit through the lottery, can I shoot a doe in any lottery zone or only in one specific zone?

A: If you receive an either-sex permit through the lottery, it is only valid for that specific permit area. You can move around from one permit area to another, but you would be restricted to antlered deer only in other lottery areas.
Keep in mind, if you shoot a deer in any area with a one-deer limit (bucks only, youth only antlerless, lottery or hunter’s choice) you may not shoot another deer in any other area with a one-deer limit. You can continue to hunt elsewhere in managed or intensive designated areas, as well as the metro area, with the appropriate combination of season license/bonus permits. You may also continue to party hunt (cross-tag) in the same area or other areas with a one deer limit, provided your party has valid licenses and/or tags.
Adam Murkowsi, DNR big game program leader

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