Rush City student participates in BestPrep Minnesota Business venture

Teagan Carlson

Imagine yourself making a presentation to a panel of investors, asking for a loan for an innovative new business idea that you came up with in four days with a team of people you had never met before. Sound challenging? That’s exactly what Rush City Secondary student Teagan Carlson was tasked with this summer during their week at BestPrep’s Minnesota Business Venture. The opportunity was made possible for Carlson through sponsorship from Initiative Foundation.
Students split into small groups called a “company” and were mentored throughout the week by local business professionals from companies such as Allianz Life, Ecolab, Securian Financial, and Travelers. Student “companies” spent the week developing a business plan proposal summarizing the marketing, finance, and operations practices for their fictitious product or service. While the business plans and monetary investment were imaginary, the ideas presented would give today’s entrepreneurs a run for their money. A few product ideas included contact lenses for individuals with color blindness, a GPS sticker to track lost objects, a water purifying sponge, and virtual reality for kids in hospitals.
MBV is a business and career skills camp held each summer in partnership with the Herberger Business School at St. Cloud State University and the Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship at St. John’s University. Three-hundred-twenty-four students representing 100 schools spent a week of their summer preparing for life after high school, developing workplace skills, and improving their financial literacy skills. Of the experience, one student said:
“Even though business camp doesn’t sound that intriguing, MBV was so much fun! You meet so many people by networking and learn to not be shy. It really helped me prepare for the real world with mock interviews and how to pay for college. You think you know what you’re going to be, but MBV really opened my eyes to new career paths and new opportunities.”
During the week, students also got to learn from a variety of Minnesota business professionals and entrepreneurs to help them prepare. Throughout the program, more than 170 individuals came to MBV to share their experiences and business insights with the future workforce by volunteering as breakout session presenters, mock interviewers, financial advisors, and more. Speakers represented companies such as 3M, Allstate, General Mills, Pearson’s Candy, and the Minnesota Timberwolves. The speakers covered a wide range of topics such as managing personal finance, experiences in entrepreneurship, business ethics, and building one’s personal brand.
MBV Program Manager Amanda Labo shared, “MBV is a unique opportunity for high school students to gain skills that will help them now and in their future. Going through a mock interview, learning about finances, working in a diverse team, communicating with adults and peers, and speaking in public are all skills that help prepare students for success in school and future jobs,” explained MBV Program Manager Amanda Labo.

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