Police Reports

North Branch police reports major arrests and incidents that occur in the city limits. Chisago County Sheriff’s Office reports major crimes and arrests within Chisago County. The time refers to the time the incident was reported on the corresponding date.

North Branch:
Sept. 11: 38000 block of 14th Ave., suspicious activity was reported at AmericInn Lodge and Suites. Someone went through a car. There are no suspects. (7:07 a.m.)
6200 block of Red Fox Run, harassment was reported via Facebook. The suspect was advised to stop contacting the complainant. (7:30 a.m.)
Sept. 12: 6300 block of 375th St., a suspicious person was reported who took papers from the complainant’s garbage can. (12:40 p.m.)
Sept. 13: 38000 Oakview Ave., theft from vehicle was reported. (8:04 a.m.)
6000 block of Main St., theft from a vehicle was reported at All Health and Fitness. (6:31 p.m.)
Sept. 14: 39000 Homestead Ave., a theft was attempted to steal tires off of a truck. (4:16 p.m.)
Sept. 15: 38000 block of Tanger Dr., a suspicious vehicle was reported with someone taking wood pallets by dumpsters. (12:17 a.m.)
Sept. 15: Block of 4600 Isanti Trl., a theft (not in progress) at Ruddy’s Rental. A dolly was not returned and was reported stolen. (9:21 a.m.)
5800 block of St. Croix Trl., theft of gas was reported at Holiday gas station north. (9:46 a.m.)
Sept. 16: 4400 block of 417th St., suspicious activity was reported when someone went through a house, but nothing was taken. (7:52 p.m.)
Sept. 17: 6400 block of Main St., a theft (not in progress) of a cell phone from a vehicle was reported at County Pawn. (9:43 a.m.)
Chisago County:
Sept. 14: 5300 block of Stacy Trl., Stacy, theft of services. A deputy arrived on scene and spoke with the complainant who informed the deputy that he observed an extension cord connected from his power box to the neighbor’s trailer. The complainant did inform the deputy that the neighbor did not have permission to use his electricity. The deputy met and spoke with the suspect who informed him that she was using the electricity for Christmas lights and that she had permission. The deputy informed the suspect that she could no longer use the complainant’s electricity. (8:44 a.m.)
5300 block of Stacy Trl., Stacy, animal at large. A deputy responded to a loose dog complaint. The caller advised that her neighbor’s dog was out and that it came at her dog aggressively. Upon arrival, the deputy met with the complainant who advised her neighbor’s dog is loose and that it came into her yard in a aggressive manner. Also, it tried attacking her dog. The complainant advised that this is an ongoing issue and that the same dog also attacked another neighbor’s dog recently, but it was not reported. The dog was loose while the deputy was on scene, but the homeowner wouldn’t answer the door. The party showed up later and secured the dog. The owner was cited for allowing her dog to run loose, as this was not the first complaint received. (7:48 p.m.)
Sept. 15: US Highway 8/Bench St., Taylors Falls, crash-hit-and run (in progress). A deputy responded to the area of highways 8 and 95 on a report of a vehicle crash at that intersection. While en route, the deputy was given more information that one of the involved vehicles left the crash site and began traveling west bound on Highway 8 at a high rate of speed and had now crashed again near Highway 8 and Valley View Lane. The deputy witnessed some debris in the intersection of Highways 8 and 95, but all vehicles had been removed from the intersection. The deputy opted to go to the site of the suspect vehicle. Upon arrival to the area of Lake Boulevard, the adult male driver approached the deputy’s vehicle, which smelled strongly of alcohol; the man was stumbling and slurring his words greatly. The driver readily admitted to drinking alcohol and then eventually stated that he was struck by another vehicle. He also did not have a Minnesota Driver’s License issued to him, let alone in his possession. There was also a bottle of alcohol on the passenger floor board of the vehicle; the vehicle was registered to his father. The deputy placed the man in the back seat of his squad car and waited for the Minnesota State Patrol to arrive. The man was not handcuffed at this time, and the deputy did activate his squad camera to monitor his behavior. Upon the arrival of the State Patrol, the deputy provided the state trooper with all of the information about the driver and his vehicle that had crashed. Additionally, the deputy provided the trooper with contact information for two separate witnesses who saw the initial crash and stopped where the suspect vehicle crashed again. (2:04 p.m.)
St. Croix Trail/Reed Ave., Taylors Falls, driving complaint. A deputy observed a vehicle described in a road rage complaint, a white 2016 Chevy Impala, driving eastbound on St. Croix Trail at Mulberry Street and made contact with the driver. The driver admitted to having a fit of rage due to the driving conduct of the other vehicle. While speaking with him, the deputy observed the odor of beer emitting from the vehicle and observed an open brown bag. The deputy knew, based on training and experience, the bag was likely contain alcohol. The deputy asked the driver about how much alcohol he had consumed that day. The driver stated he had two beers and looked at the bag. He informed the deputy that they were in the bag. The deputy performed sobriety tests and determined that the driver was able to operate a motor vehicle and was struggling with his nerves. The deputy cited the driver for open bottle and recommended the driver to pull over to compose himself with his nerves. The deputy explained the citation to the driver. The deputy emptied the open beer cans in front of his squad car. The driver agreed to put the beer cans in his trunk which the deputy assisted him with. The stop was captured on the squad dash camera. (4:50 p.m.)
20000 Lawrence Creek Rd., Franconia Township, dumping/littering complaint. A deputy contacted the complainant in regard to a littering/dumping complaint that occurred; there has been a history of this involving the same described suspect in recent months. The complainant advised that she did not see the actual physical dumping on that date, but the suspect female that was present, along with her vehicle, were both present in the same location at the end of July when the same complainant witnessed the littering. The deputy then requested that the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office dispatch an email or leave a voicemail for Franconia Township public works to remove the refuse from the land where it was dumped. The complainant advised that they have been cleaning up after recent littering events and this refuse was located in the same exact area as they have previously been working. The deputy then drove to the address that was listed on the registration of the suspect vehicle. The deputy did not contact anyone there, but confirmed by the mail in the mailbox that the name on the mail matches the registered owner; although, she is older than the suspect female that was described. There was no vehicle at the suspect address and no one answered the door. The deputy left his card with his contact information in the door. The deputy then requested that CCSO dispatch contact Polk County for anymore information on the suspect/registered owner. They had one contact number for the RO from 2014, but it rang to voicemail and gave no identification on the voicemail, so the deputy did not leave a message at this point. The deputy will await a call back from the parties at the suspect address and follow up at a later date. (6:26 p.m.)
Sept 12: Lucas Leland Peterson, 30, Harris, Gross Misdemeanor, traffic-DWI-third-degree driving while impaired.
Steven McCarthy, 32, North Branch, misdemeanor, traffic regulation-unauthorized use of parking certificate for physically disabled, misdemeanor, drugs-possess over 1.4 grams of marijuana in motor vehicle, dangerous weapons-metal knuckles/switch blade.
Sept.13: Collin Joseph Carpenter, 21, Chisago City, Misdemeanor traffic regulation-uninsured vehicle-owner violation, misdemeanor traffic regulation-driver must carry proof of insurance when operating vehicle, petty misdemeanor, duty to drive with due care speed greater than reasonable.
Sept. 14: Taylor Richard Kemmis, 29, Scandia, misdemeanor, traffic-open bottle law liability of non present owner, misdemeanor, drugs-possess over 1.4 grams of marijuana in motor vehicle, fugitive from justice.
Sept. 17: Kaeng Yang, 23, Westbrook, Con Sub 5-possess-unk-drug-not applicable, Con Sub 5-sale-marijuana-school zone, misdemeanor, drugs-possession of drug paraphernalia-use or possession prohibited-sub (a) 2 or more.

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