RC schools starts the year with positive points

Rush City High School Principal Brent Stavig and C.E. Jacobson Elementary Principal Jason Mielke presented the School Board with positive points regarding the new school year at the Rush City School Board Meeting Sept. 21.

Both schools have four main priority missions:
1. Achieve academic excellence.
2. Foster a positive and safe environment.
3. Financial stability to support the district mission.
4. Strengthen community relationships.

Rush City High School has eight new staff members this school year. One part of the goal to achieve academic excellence is to help new students settle in.

“New students, both new to the district and the seventh graders coming up from the elementary school, it is always fun helping them get acquainted to their new high school,” Stavig said. “It’s amazing watching the seventh graders exploring the building and figuring it all out, and they are doing very well so far.”

The high school was able to purchase a new math curriculum over the summer and has placed QR codes to promote school spirit.

“Just for something fun to do, I started putting some of those around the high school, and the kids go over with their phones. It might say a positive thing about our volleyball team,” Stavig said. “If there’s a sticker on the window, they can bring it to the office, and they will be able to get into the game that night for free. It’s throwing out little carrots, but adding school spirit stuff to it, and that’s been neat.”

The high school is working to ensure it is as efficient as possible with staffing, instructional supplies, and equipment. Also, to strengthen community relationships, Stavig will continue to have RCHS News, which is sent to high school parents and staff during the week following a school board meeting during the regular school year.

C.E. Jacobson Elementary Principal Mielke also explained his excitement on the students and staff starting to adjust to the new Math Expressions 2018 curriculum in grades three through six.

“This curriculum has brought new visualization and hands-on math to our students, “Mielke said. “There is an increased engagement in math and science in fifth and sixth grade, and we are seeing a lot of different experiences for kids that we haven’t had in the past.”

The elementary school conducted the first fire drill Sept. 8, and was a successful.

“We had our first fire drill, and the entire building was able to evacuate safely in one minute and 35 seconds,” Mielke said. “For the first drill to go that quickly and that the kids were on top of things says that we are prepared. We all feel good about that.”


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