National 4-H Week

Courtney Stream
Layna Hoff

Hello, we are Layna Hoff and Courtney Stream. We are 14 years old and are freshman at the Chisago Lakes High School.

Together, we have been involved in 4-H for over 10 years. We are members of the Height Seekers 4-H Club, serve on our County 4-H Management Board, our 4-H County Ambassadors program and actively participate in our county 4-H Rabbit Club, the Chisago County Cottontails. Outside of 4-H, we both participate in archery team and marching band.

4-H has truly changed our lives and we are happy to be a part of it. It has taught us solid leadership skills that we will take with us all through life. We have both given back to our community and mentored other youth not only in our livestock species areas, but as Ambassadors outside of the livestock area as well. 4-H has planted the seed for public speaking, and through constant opportunities to grow and nourish this skill it has now blossomed into the ability to speak confidently to adults and even a crowd! It has taught us to take responsibility for ourselves and for our actions, how to treat each other with respect and open the door to learning from people of all different walks of life and talents.

Wondering how you can help make a difference and support 4-H? There are a lot of ways to help.

• Become a 4-H volunteer. Give back to our program through short or long term roles sharing a skill or passion you care about.
• General Donation to Chisago County 4-H Program and Scholarships — these donations are used to offer our 4-H youth exposure and learning opportunities in a wide range of ways, from agriculture, art, cooking, quilting, cultural awareness, science and even Lego robotics. These funds are greatly needed to keep our program running strong and offering our youth a world of new opportunities.
• Contributing items for our annual silent auction — each year at our County Fair we have a silent auction. All donations are welcome, from a homemade bench to a jar of honey or a basket full of candy, we are grateful for anything you’d like to contribute!
• Sponsoring a County Fair trophy – All County Fair trophies are the result of generous donations made by people or businesses just like you. In 2018 we are getting new trophies, and we’re excited to unveil them at our County Fair in July. You will be publicly recognized at the show with your name on the award, and if you’d like, we’d love to have you present the award to the winner.

The youth of 4-H are grateful to our wonderful community for all the support we receive. For your monetary contributions, your time to volunteer, we are so thankful for the spirit of giving and your support, you are truly contributing to the success of our future leaders and making the best better!

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