Police Reports

North Branch police reports major arrests and incidents that occur in the city limits. Chisago County Sheriff’s Office reports major crimes and arrests within Chisago County. The time refers to the time the incident was reported on the corresponding date.

Chisago County:
Sept. 25: Stacy Trail/Ivywood Trail, Lent Township, crash-property damage only. A deputy responded to the location and made contact with the driver/owner of the vehicle. The driver said a deer ran out in front of him and he locked up the brakes to avoid hitting it. He said the vehicle pulled to the right and left the roadway. The vehicle struck a turn arrow sign as it left the roadway. The county highway department was notified of the damaged sign with insurance information attached to the call. The vehicle was towed by Peterson’s at the owners request. (5:02 a.m.)

Sept. 28: 300 block of Harte Ave., Rush City, crash-property damage only. A deputy responded to a report of a two-vehicle crash with no injuries. Upon arrival, both female drivers of their respective vehicles were awaiting the deputy’s arrival. Upon exiting his squad car, the deputy assessed both vehicles and their damage. The blue-colored minivan had a dent in the passenger side of the front bumper. The black Chevy Impala, that backed into the blue minivan, had just cosmetic scratches on the rear bumper. The damage did not appear to arise to any financial threshold for a Minnesota crash report, and the deputy advised both parties of that. The deputy told them to take photographs of the damage on their own and that he would prepare a traffic collision information sheet that contained both parties vehicle details, driver’s license details, contact information, and insurance information. The deputy said the two could work it out between their insurance companies. The driver of the black Impala, who was the registered owner, told the deputy she backed into the driver of the blue minivan. (6:19 p.m.)

18600 block of Franconia Trl., Franconia Township, theft (not in progress). A deputy spoke with the complainant by phone, who advised that he believed his game camera had been stolen. He told the deputy he does not own the property where the incident occurred, but that the property owner who lives there had confirmed that the camera was gone. The complainant said his camera sends a picture to his phone anytime it is activated. He sent the deputy a photo text of an individual that he believed had taken his camera. The photo only showed the back of the suspect’s shoulders and head. He told the deputy that he has had property line disputes in the past with the neighbor. The deputy was unable to initially locate an address for the neighbor. The deputy responded to the property owner’s residence, who agreed to go with the deputy to show him the location of the neghbor’s residence. The deputy was initially unable to make contact with the neighbor, so he brought the property owner back to his residence. The deputy then returned to the neighbor’s again, and was able to make contact with the adult female suspect. She advised that she did not take the camera, but had just taken it down and put it in the grass. She agreed to ride with the deputy back to the location and show him where she put the camera. The deputy advised the property owner that they were on their way. He met them at the location. The deputy was able to recover the camera. The suspect and the property owner came to an agreement on the property line. The deputy called the complainant and told him his camera had not been stolen and had been recovered. The deputy also told him that he would turn it over to him for safe keeping. The suspect said she did not want a ride back to her residence and said she would walk home. (8:06 p.m.)

Sept. 29: 52200 block of Fairfield Ave., Rusheba Township, theft (not in progress). Dispatch told a deputy to call the complainant about a mail theft. A package was taken with clothes and shoes. The deputy called the complainant on the number she provided. The deputy left two voice mails for the complainant. Also, the deputy found another number and received no answer on that as well. Dispatch said the complainant did not want anyone to respond to the residence due to the fact that the family had the flu virus. (12:06 p.m.)

Sept. 30: 39700 block of Park Trl. (Wild River State Park), theft (not in progress). A female was seen on camera within the park station building taking a sweatshirt from the rack. She was located and cited for shoplifting. (1:27 p.m.)

Sept 25: Nathan Carl Olson, 38, Shafer, domestic assault-strangulation, fear of bodily harm, domestic assault-misdemeanor-commits act to cause fear of immediate bodily harm or death.

Sept.26: Matthew Daniel Welch, 34, Zimmerman, Con sub 5-procur-amphetamine-unknown, (gross misdemeanor) traffic regulation-driver must carry proof of insurance when operating vehicle, (misdemeanor) traffic-drivers license-driving after suspension, (misdemeanor) drugs-possession of drug paraphernalia-use or possession prohibited-sub (a) 2 or more.

Oct. 1: Ashton Kenneth Sorenson, 27, North Branch, Felony-drugs-5th degree-possess schedule 1,2,3,4-not small amount marijuana.

Brian Alan Anderson, 33, Lindstrom, Weapons-gross misdemeanor-points-fire-zone.

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