Silica sand project should be put to a referendum

To the editor

If the council is so set on going against the majority that has objections to the silica sand project, then let it be put on a referendum so we can decide our futures.  You are compounding a mistake on the ESSBY project by rushing in with another.

There is a disease called silicosis.  It comes from exposure to silica sand. Are these the kind of jobs meant for North Branch?  Once you have this disease, there is no reversal. If the sand escapes, and I’m sure Superior Silica Sand will tell us it can’t, what about the rest of the citizens?

I know the council, planning commission and the EDA have already made up their minds and are voting yes, but remember the rest of us and why you are in office – to protect and serve us.

The town is strangled with traffic now by the Tiller Sand trucks making right hand turns from left lanes. They weren’t supposed to come through North Branch. The intersection is not equipped to handle this – yet another costly mistake on the rebuilding of the intersection.

If this is such a good project, stop, think and reassess.  All components should be in place before going further.

We’ve talked about a bypass for years, but it hasn’t happened. We’ve always put the cart before the horse.

We’re a small town, not a metropolis.  This project is not a good fit.  We don’t have room on our roads for expansion. Look around!

Barbara Burrington

North Branch


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